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Countertop Resurfacing

We can resurface most countertops and surfaces. The surfaces are sanded cleaned with a chemical wash, primed and resurfaced with a new colorful durable long lasting natural stone finish that will last for years to come.  Also, if you are looking for cabinet refacing, we also offer this aswell.

Before/ After Countertop Refinishing

Want to re do your Kitchen? Chances are that you’ve seen those before and after photos on home makeovers TV Shows. The kitchen with bland old countertops is sanded down, chemically cleaned, resized, then resurfaced using a natural stone finish. See our before and after photos below! Liven up any room with a custom ice-blue finish to make it feel like home. We can resurface your worn surfaces for little cost and on the spot. We also offer commercial and industrial services.


Our Expertise

Resurface existing counters

Strong durable lasting finishes

Replace with new Laminate counters

Add counters

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Countertop Refinishing Gallery

Did you know that resurfacing your countertops is a quick, easy way to update the look of your kitchen? You can choose from any color imaginable for our paint-like finish. With one call or click, we’ll bring all of the supplies and expertise needed right to your door! Need new bathroom tile? We have you covered!

Countertop refinishing makes it so much easier than replacing them entirely – no demolition required! It’s also an affordable option when compared with other surface alternatives such as tile or laminate counters.

We resurface your old kitchen with recessed edges and fancy materials so that it looks fresh and new without the hassle of painting or tearing out cabinets. We have been doing this for over 25+ years.

A countertop resurfacing service trade up to bring life back into a kitchen in just one day!

Don’t toss that old or ugly countertop! Saving money doesn’t have to mean settling for lackluster results. With our buffalo cabinet refacing and countertop resurfacing services, we can make your kitchen look brand new again without the high cost of a whole-home remodel. Check out some before-and-after pictures on our website for ideas of what is possible when you work with us at Buffalo Cabinet Refacing and Countertops.  We are experts at transforming blemished floors as well as resurfacing dull cabinets so they are once again just how you always wanted them to be – beautiful. Give us a call today!

After years of wear and tear, the surface finish on your cabinets, countertops and other kitchen surfaces can grow dull, discolored or chipped. This becomes even more apparent when combined with stained hands up from countless pots and pans. Fortunately, we offer cabinet refinishing services that will give you peace of mind in a natural way by utilizing only high-quality resurfacing materials to make your kitchen a place where guests are delighted to be served in. Visit our photo showroom! Our Buffalo cabinets have been resurfaced for decades by homeowners just like you!